Newark Alliance seeks to establish a trained, competitive workforce in Newark that can respond to the evolving needs of the regional labor market. To do this, the Alliance collaborates with employers, public and private funders, and the public workforce system to prepare a high-quality, high-demand labor force. Further, the Alliance designs innovative solutions that encourage more residents to engage in the labor force and persist through career pathways leading to promising employment opportunities.

The Alliance's flagship workforce initiative is CareerWorks, the Greater Newark Work Force Funders Collaborative, one of the only 32 regional work force collaboratives in the country. The Collaborative supports workforce partnerships focused on a dual bottom line: meeting needs of employers in high growth/high wage industries and meeting the needs of low-income workers. CareerWorks, launched in 2011, currently focuses on healthcare and transportation and has trained over 1,000 jobseekers to date, with over 80% of them now advancing in sustainable career pathways. CareerWorks leverages corporate and philanthropic funding, $3 million to date, by aligning with public and private dollars from state, Federal and other partners.

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Technical support and program capacity for CareerWorks is supported by: