The Newark Alliance is a non-profit organization founded by leaders from some of New Jersey's major corporations to support the broader needs of the Newark community. Since our inception in 1999, we have focused on creating partnerships with key stakeholders to address issues of high priority to advance Newark's revitalization with the goal of improving economic conditions and public education in the state's largest city.

The Newark Alliance is supported by key leaders from the business community, health care organizations, Newark's secondary and higher education community and civic and non-profit organizations. To accomplish our goals and objectives, we also leverage relationships with various state agencies that share our vision for revitalizing the state's largest city. Collectively, these organizations provide resources to assist us with executing our mission
We work in partnership with the corporate community, state, county and local government, civic organizations, labor, the non-profit sector and the community to execute our mission.
"An important constituent in the Newark community are the men and women in key leadership positions who want to make a difference to this City and its residents. These individuals and institutions invest their time, intellectual capital and resources to participate with the government, educational leaders and other partners to support Newark's economic revitalization. It is this type of civic engagement that is present at the Newark Alliance."
Al Koeppe
President and Former CEO
Newark Alliance, Inc.
To work in partnership to make Newark a better, safer place to work, live, learn, play and do business.